How to Use the Phrasal Verb ASK OUT

The Phrasal Verb Ask Out
I think it’s fine for girls to ask boys out. I actually prefer it.
— Zac Efron

Ask out

[asks out; asked out; asked out; asking out]

When you ask someone out, you invite them to go to the cinema, restaurant, etc. because you want to start a romantic or sexual relationship with them. So we can say,

“He’s too shy to ask her out.”

“Why don’t you ask him out the next time you see him?”

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Invite out

Grammar Points

Ask someone out → “He finally asked Maria out.”

Commonly used with for“She asked me out for a coffee.”

Commonly used with to“She asked me out to a coffee shop.”

Common Collocations

To/for dinner, to/for lunch, for coffee, for a drink, to the movies (US), to the cinema (UK)