How to Use the Phrasal Verb ASK OUT

I think it’s fine for girls to ask boys out. I actually prefer it.
— Zac Efron

Ask out

[asks out; asked out; asked out; asking out]

When you ask someone out, you invite them to go to the cinema, restaurant, etc. because you want to start a romantic or sexual relationship with them. So we can say,

“He’s too shy to ask her out.”

“Why don’t you ask him out the next time you see him?”


Invite out

Grammar Points

Ask someone out → “He finally asked Maria out.”

Commonly used with for“She asked me out for a coffee.”

Commonly used with to“She asked me out to a coffee shop.”

Common Collocations

To/for dinner, to/for lunch, for coffee, for a drink, to the movies (US), to the cinema (UK)