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Vocabulary Worksheet | Talking About Food

This worksheet is great for food lovers who want to learn and practice nine words that English speakers use to talk about taste and texture. You’ll find definitions, examples, practice exercises, and an opportunity to share a story about your most memorable eating experience. In this worksheet, you’ll learn and practice the vocabulary words bland, greasy, crunchy, raw, soggy, sour, bitter, gone bad, and chewy.

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Vocabulary Worksheet | 7 Expressions to Describe Your Personality

This worksheet will help you become more comfortable with these seven expressions that English speakers use every day. You’ll learn the expressions: have it together, take things to heart, tell it like it is, go with the flow, control freak, take yourself seriously, and have/give a good vibe. You’ll also find synonyms, examples, and lots of exercises to help you practice them.

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